Expert Help

·Whether you are shipping 30,000 shoes from Cambodia to Camden or a box of cookies to your grandchildren we can get it there faster, cheaper, and smarter than any other company.

·We specialize in the following areas: large quantity shipments; over-sized objects; hazardous material shipping; fragile and perishable goods; dry goods; artifacts; unidentified objects; live animals and plants; refugee relocation; tchotchkes; waste product distribution; container refrigeration and heating systems; chickens and other fowl; wealth accumulation shipments and distribution; information and data transfers and distribution; and more.

·We offer Bryden Maritime Seal of Approval Pirate-Aversion Training (P.A.T.) that has successfully repelled hundreds of pirate attacks on the seas and on land.

·Upon request our trained experts will visit with you to assess and custom-pack or unpack each item.

·We expertly track your cargo and offer you total GPS coverage in real time with our patented Cargo-Cam.™