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 The Moving Crew Wins Ideal Art Prize for 2010

The Ideal Art Prize is an international art award for emerging artists working across locations. Sponsored by Ideal X Shipping Co., the world’s largest shipping company, it was initiated by Ideal X Shipping Co. founder Jianyu Ma and his wife Xiaomei Ma who have supported the arts in China for a generation. Their generosity has supported a thriving contemporary art market in Beijing and Shanghai. “Even in this digital age, artists, galleries and museums are constantly shipping art work and art supplies,” said Mrs. Ma. “They are such good customers it was only natural that we support the arts somehow.”

The award has three components: a cash award to fund the artist’s project; an arts residency; and a traveling international exhibition.

The 2009 award went to Taipei based artists Joyce Ho and Craig Quintero who used the art prize to investigate craters and water on Mars through a series of performances, installations, sculptures and paintings. Past winners have included Jean-Philippe Beinert of Strasburg, France and Zhang Huan of Shanghai, China.

The world’s largest art collective, The Moving Crew accepted the 2010 prize after the initial selection for the prize, Francis Alys of Belgium and Mexico, withdrew for undisclosed reasons. Sources close to Mr. Alys stated that the move was neither a poetic or political reaction to Ideal X Shipping Company business practices in developing markets as some have speculated.