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 The Ideal X Shipping Company Started a Community Outreach
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 About the Ideal Art Prize

In an attempt to educate and inform the global population about the intrinsic benefits of containerization and global trade as well as explore maritime lore and culture, the Ideal X Shipping Company founded The Ideal Art Prize. Functioning as both a charitable act and a means of tax-exemption, The Ideal Art Prize is a revolutionary program, providing artists with the chance to work anywhere and collaborate with a socially, globally, and environmentally conscious, large-scale corporation, the Ideal X Shipping Company.

The prize is open to all artists, across the globe, with an interest in capitalism, crossing borders, merging economies, container salvage, labor, moralistic ideals, trade, and bridging artistic disciplines. Project proposals can include performance; film; video; installation; or print work. Regardless of the form, the proposal must address the use of Ideal X intermodal containers as material, transportation or subject matter during the residency period.

Selection Committee:
For the 2010 prize, applicants will be judged on their inventive proposals for container reuse and its suitability for realization in the Ideal X Shipping Company “Making the World a Smaller Place” Initiative.
The 2010 Selection Committee includes Lester Schwarz, Artist and 2008 Recipient of the Bockssinder-Ma Grant for Emerging Artists of Conceptual Globalization, Simon Rasmussen, Residencies Coordinator, Raquel Stretherson, Curator, Jianyu and Xiaomei Ma Foundation for Worldwide International Contemporary Art.

The prize:
The prize covers production costs of up to $20,000 as well as travel expenses and press materials.

The Global Containerization Residency:
In addition to generous financial support, the Ideal X Shipping Company provides each year’s recipient with all available de-commissioned Ideal X containers for the yearlong arts residency. Used for housing, studio, educational, and/or exhibition space as well as a means to transport materials and exhibitions, the Ideal X intermodal containers are extraordinary spaces to generate art and then send it, safely and securely (like every Ideal X shipment) to its scheduled destination. Each container is outfitted with the appropriate amenities, state-of-the-art technologies, and provisions necessary to complete the yearlong residency, as determined by the recipient with the assistance of the Ideal Art Prize curatorial staff and Ideal X Shipping Company in-house art-packing experts.

Traveling International Exhibitions:
The Ideal Art Prize is curated in conjunction with The Ideal X Vessel Reuse and Reclamation Fair, a weeklong intensive ship deconstruction and reuse conference. Scheduled for December 2010 at the Portuaria de Esmeraldas in Ecuador, the fair is just the first stop of many for the recipient’s traveling international exhibition. On view in the fair’s grand exhibition tent, the fair is an unmatched opportunity to display and share the artist’s products and labor with a global audience. Following this inaugural exhibition, the Ideal X Shipping Company will pack, ship, deliver, and install each exhibit to the ports and venues of the artist’s choice. Additionally, the fair’s hands-on panels and workshops include “Living in a Box”, “Scrapping on Remote Shores”, and “Stowaways: Deter or Encourage?” (to name a few), each offering invaluable tools for the yearlong container residency. The prize recipient will also have the opportunity to participate in the annual “Torque and Ellipse: Richard Serra Mentorship Race”, in which competitors vie for a cherished steel wielding lesson with internationally acclaimed artist Richard Serra as they attempt to bend, twist, and weld panels of a former shipping vessel into an impressive, intrusive piece of public art.

Ideal X Shipping Company is the primary sponsor of The Ideal Art Prize supporting The Global Containerization Residency and Vessel Reuse and Reclamation Fair. Their dedicated support expresses the spirit of the Jianyu and Xiaomei Ma Foundation for Worldwide International Contemporary Art and the Bockssinder-Ma Grant for Emerging Artists of Conceptual Globalization.

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The application process for 2010 has ended. Each year, application forms and information are available on September 1st for a deadline of December 1st. For more information, contact: Mariposa Flores, Ideal X Shipping Company Director of PR,