At times Ideal X Shipping Co. needs to retire old container ships. First, we search for a smaller buyer in the...

 The Ideal X Shipping Company Started a Community
 Outreach Program for the Arts This Year

In an attempt to educate and inform the global population about the intrinsic benefits of containerization and...

 The Moving Crew Wins Ideal Art Prize for 2010

The Ideal Art Prize is an international art award for emerging artists working across locations...

 Ideal Art Prize PRESS RELEASE

The world’s largest shipping company, Ideal X, awarded the 2010 Ideal Art Prize to the world’s largest...

 Conversation with Prize Winning Artists

The Moving Crew’s Media Wrangler Lydia Damenkonfection discusses the project “What’s Inside?”

 Press Clipping


 The Ideal X Shipping Company awards the 2010 Ideal
  Art Prize to The Moving Crew