About us

Who Are We?

·Ideal X is the largest shipping company in the world.

·We operate in every port in the world. From Seattle to Shanghai, Rotterdam to Rijeka, Mumbai to McMurdo and all ports in between we are the leader for all your shipping needs.

·We are the fastest, largest, most reliable, most efficient and cost effective fleet of ships plying the seas with over 1000 vessels.

·Our state of the art shipping practices have been recognized by the International Shipping Affiliate Society and are constantly updated with the newest research and development in the shipping industry.

·We are the innovative developers of the ground breaking mode-to-mode expert intermodal shipping practice which is the industry standard of tomorrow. Additionally, we are the innovative leader in the future of shipping including research and development in new airship technologies and underground tunnel shipping, and teleport research.

·Our green commitment to be environmentally responsible leads to economically viable long term cost savings to our clients and generates sustainable green jobs worldwide.

·Best service guaranteed. We invest in you, your cargo, your business.

·Ideal X is 100% insured and bonded. We also are a maritime insurance provider for all your shipping needs. Remember… pirates!

·Of course Ideal X means shipping, but it also means Procurement, Sourcing, Insuring, and Supplying. We are involved in Transport, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, and Green Sustainable Energy around the globe.

·We are committed to the communities in which we operate. Our business operates in a global environment. Nothing brings the world together more than arts and culture, children and sports. That is why we focus our charitable gifting in these three key areas: The Ideal X Games, The Ideal Art Prize, and the Free X-Box for Every Child Program for Education.